Women for Romney 2012, a national grassroots women’s coalition of 2,000 volunteers, supported Mitt Romney for President in 2012.  While the campaign did not achieve the success we hoped for the work of these talented women helped to educate thousands of voters across the country about the problems facing women in the Obama economy.
More women are unemployed, underemployed, and living in poverty today than ever before. This trend continued to get worse for women throughout President Obama’s first term. We challenge Barack Obama to focus on these grave concerns for women in his second term and help the countless women struggling in our country.
Overall Poverty rates:
2008 12.2%
2009 13.2%
2010 14.3%
2011 15.1%
People forced to rely on food stamps:
2009 32 Million
2010 39 Million
2011 44 Million
2012 46 Million
U.S. Census Bureau records show that 25.7 million women lived in poverty in 2011.
16.3% of women now live in poverty in the United States, the highest rate for women in poverty in 17 years.
The number of families living in poverty increased to another record high of 9.5 million American families.
The Obama economy has attacked the middle class, shrinking it to an all-time low.
Obama has not been good for the middle class. They are suffering and more women suffer in poverty than men.

3 Responses to About

  1. How do I find or establish a group of women supporters for Romney in Plano, Texas?? How do I contact the Women for Romney group now?

  2. Susan kotin says:

    I tried to join your group and it said that you were a locked group and it wouldn’t let me. Can you help? Both my sister and I would like to join.

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you for all your work with womenforromney2012.wordpress.com. I love your blog, I’m a frequent reader and I’m comMITTed! 🙂

    I have compiled some information about the Mitt Romney sons that I believe is missing on the web right now.

    You can find the web site at http://www.mittromneysons.com/.

    I believe that we could all benefit from spreading the word about the incredible Mitt Romney sons.

    Maybe you would like to mention/blog/link http://www.mittromneysons.com from your site?

    Thank you & All the best

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